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Eukaryotic chromosomes consist of DNA-protein complexes referred to as chromatin. The current understanding of the relationship between chromatin structure and genome behavior is still relatively underdeveloped. The goal of this project (NSF 1444532) is to identify and map genome-wide changes in chromatin structure in five diverse tissues of maize using a novel method developed with previous NSF Plant Genome Research Program funding. It is expected that chromatin mapping will reveal previously undetected and biochemically functional regions of the maize genome, while integrating genetic information from maize and other plant genome research projects. There are two main articles on the development of DNS-chip (Vera et al., Plant Cell, 2014) and the application of DNS-seq to define the functional portion of the maize (Rodgers-Melnick et al., PNAS, 2016). The project web site for NUPRIME, maizenucleosome.org is maintained by HW Bass.
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