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  About Genomaize

Welcome to Genomaize, a data sharing resource of the Chromatin Structure and Genome Response in Maize project at Florida State University.

This site contains the following tools for maize biologists:

  • Genome Browser loaded with the Maize B73 Genome. The UCSC Genome Browser zooms and scrolls over chromosomes, showing the work of The Maize Genome Sequencing Project and annotators worldwide.  The Genome Browser provides a rapid and reliable display of any portion of the maize genome at any scale, together with dozens of aligned annotation tracks (genes, ESTs, cDNAs, assembly gaps and coverage, large genomics data sets, and more). Users can also add their own custom tracks to the browser.
  • Blat quickly maps your sequence of interest to the maize genome.
  • Table Browser provides convenient access to the underlying database. This tool allows you to download any available data in a region of interest and also allows you to send data to Galaxy for computational analysis.
  • In-Silico PCR searches the sequence database with a pair of PCR primers.
  • Sessions allow you to configure your browser with specific track combinations, including custom tracks, and save the configuration options for later use or to share with others.

  • Getting Started
    If you are new to the UCSC genome browser platform, we highly recommend using a video tutorial or a text tutorial to get started. A complete list of tutorials can be found on the Tutorials page.


    Contributing Data Sets
    If you are interested in submitting your data to display as a publicly-available track, please contact us.


    15 March 2012 - Public Announcement of Genomaize

    We are pleased to announce the public release of

      Credits and Conditions of Use

    Who created the UCSC Genome Browser?
    The UCSC Genome Browser and its associated tools are developed and maintained by the Genome Bioinformatics Group, a cross-departmental team within the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering (CBSE) at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). In an attempt to facilitate microarray data visualization and analysis, we have set up the UCSC Genome Browser platform with the B73 maize genome and made it publicly available through this website.

    The sequence and annotation data displayed in the Genome Browser are freely available for any use with the following conditions:

    • Genome sequence data use restrictions are noted within the species sections on the Credits page.
    • Some annotation tracks contributed by external collaborators contain proprietary data that have specific use restrictions. To check for restrictions associated with a particular genome assembly, review the database/README.txt file in the assembly's downloads directory.

    The UCSC, Ensembl, and NCBI browser and annotation groups have established a common set of minimum requirements for public display of genome data made available after Spring 2009, described here.

    The Genome Browser and Blat software are free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. A license is required for commercial use. See the Licenses page for more information.

    Program-driven use of this software is limited to a maximum of one hit every 15 seconds and no more than 5,000 hits per day.

    For assistance with questions or problems regarding the UCSC Genome Browser software, database, genome assemblies, or release cycles, see the FAQ.